Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Tournament of Books is here!

The Tournament of Books is here, the tournament of books is here!

The tournament will start on Thursday of the week.  The only thing bad about it is that I will be in Spain during the bulk of the first round picks.  Hopefully, I can find a free wifi spot to keep up with the drama.  I will post my reviews to the 10 (almost 11 books) I have read for the tourney soon.
The details:

The brackets:

My picks to win the first round are as follows:

Sense of an Ending, Salvage the Bones, 1Q84, The Tiger's Wife, State of Wonder, Swamplandia, Marriage Plot, Art of Fielding.

Second Round:
Salvage the Bones (this could be a very close match), Tigers Wife, State of Wonder, Art of Fielding (again a close one).

Third/Zombie Round:
Tigers Wife, Art of Fielding, State of Wonder (Zombie), Marriage Plot (Zombie)

Fourth Round:

Tigers Wife and well, I don't know.  In one set of brackets I have Art of Fielding winning and the other the Marriage Plot.

And, Finally, the Tigers Wife will take home the Rooster!

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