WELCOME to A Reader, a Rider and a Rooster!

 You have found a blog that is passionate about reading books, riding bikes and uh, what's up with the rooster?  Well the rooster is just along for the ride!

Yep, a couple years ago I blogged my way across the United States while riding a bike and afterward found some extra time on my hands.  I came across Goodreads and the Opinionless Book Club and  propelled myself into reading voraciously again.

I have several reading projects including reading all of the National Book Award and Man-Booker Award winners and you will see special pages related to these projects.  I am also a huge fan of The Tournament of Books and will follow it closely each year.

As a Reader and a Rider, you can find the link to my cycling blog as well.  It picks up from where the Magnolia Ranndonneur blog ended.

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